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Garage door breakdown is a scenario best prevented. Fortunately, our technicians have put together a list of simple things you can do to keep your system running smoothly. Explore the section below for a collection of helpful hints and tips.

The sooner you take care of any problems, the safer your system will be. Regular inspection and garage door service are two basic factors for your security and safety. The next step is to sort any necessary garage door repairs sooner rather than later - left alone, damage can place additional pressure on other parts of the system, causing further damage to develop.
Regular maintenance is essential when it comes to dealing with minor repairs and preventing the development of major problems down the line. Frequent servicing can also increase the overall lifespan of your system and keep it running smoothly. That's why we recommend homeowners check their system for worn or damaged components at least once every month or two. The lubrication of all moving parts and tightening of any loose fixings to keep friction to a minimum is also a must.
If it's time for a garage door opener replacement, it's a good idea to get a backup battery system at the same time. If you're not replacing your unit, you can also add a backup battery to your existing system - it's a great fail-safe in the event that there's a power cut.
When dirt and debris collect on your garage door tracks, it can obstruct the smooth operation of the door and cause misalignment, leading to expensive repair bills. A toothbrush can usually remove most of the built-up dirt and debris from your tracks and allow the rollers to move freely once again. But if your rollers still don't move freely, your tracks may have become misaligned - if there's anything else that indicates a weakened or broken part, call our technicians immediately to ensure everything is working correctly.
You should regularly test the opener's auto-reverse feature to ensure it's functional. You can do this by following a few simple steps: open the door; place a piece of wood under it, making sure that it is small enough that the photo eyes don't detect it; now close the door using the remote control or the wall switch. If the reverse mechanism is functioning correctly, the door should reverse once it touches the two-by-four. However, if it doesn't, the force limit probably needs to be adjusted, and the rest of the motor unit should be checked to ensure nothing else is wrong.
When your garage door is out of balance, it causes excessive wear, creates the need for unnecessary repairs and shortens the life of the door. To check your door's balance, pull the red emergency release to disengage the door and then move the door by hand up and down a few times. If the door feels heavy and doesn't move freely, it's probably out of balance. Give our experts a call to make the proper adjustments before the situation becomes more serious.
If you'd like to make your garage door look better, consider adding faux windows, vinyl accent stickers, or some other external treatment. Consider adding real windows if the cost and some loss of security isn't a factor. Adding other details like reclaimed wood or molding can also change your door's appearance. If your door is old or damaged, contact our design team to see if replacing your door with a new and more modern unit might be the best answer of all.
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